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An expertise both in commercial and residential property owners, we understand the sector and its particular needs and requirements.

Complications with tenants do arise and we seek to handle any issue and deal to ensure the least disruption and complication.

All our policies are bespoke offering leading edge wordings and enhancements to ensure that we obtain maximum benefits when a claim occurs.

  • Rebuild and repair following claim with environmental improvement to take account of energy efficiency.

  • Non invalidation of any claim following action of a tenant.

Other issues arise such as unoccupancy where proactive action can avoid a reduction in the cover and increase in the rate charged.

Other matters require legal assistance such as the eviction of squatters to the prevention of fly tipping.

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Yesterday 8:51 pm (5 hours ago)
The US Treasury Department has warned the European Commission about taking action against US companies over tax deals ahead of a ruling on tech giant Apple.
Yesterday 11:59 pm (an hour ago)
Some people are being hit with an unexpected tax bill after unlocking their money from a pension pot, according to Citizens Advice.
Yesterday 11:02 am (15 hours ago)
The boss of Lloyds regrets the "adverse publicity and damage" caused by recent media coverage of his personal life.
Yesterday 11:01 am (15 hours ago)
Why did Sir Richard Branson plunge into a row with Jeremy Corbyn - and why nearly a week after the incident?
Yesterday 11:59 pm (an hour ago)
Asian organisations are the worst prepared against cyber-attacks globally, according to US security company Mandiant.
Yesterday 10:21 am (16 hours ago)
The UK is a nation of shoppers unfazed by the EU referendum result when spending on plastic, says a trade body representing the major banks.
Yesterday 5:17 pm (9 hours ago)
Google will give a lower search ranking to sites with "frustrating" pop-up ads from 2017.
Yesterday, 12:28 am
Tesla Motors unveils a new battery pack for its cars that boss Elon Musk says marks a profound milestone for the speed and distance of its electric vehicles.
Yesterday 1:55 am (24 hours ago)
Australia's national carrier Qantas posts a record annual profit of A$1.42bn ($1.1bn, £820m), nearly doubling last year's result.
Yesterday 7:44 pm (6 hours ago)
South Africa's finance minister has said he will not appear before the police despite a request to do so.
Yesterday 10:15 am (16 hours ago)
India is investigating a massive data leak from French shipbuilder DCNS that revealed crucial details about submarines being built for the Indian navy.
Yesterday 2:01 pm (12 hours ago)
Sir Martin Sorrell, the boss of WPP, the world's largest advertising group, says the company is "grinding out" growth, with companies cautious amid slower global growth.
Yesterday 1:21 pm (13 hours ago)
Nine Nigerian banks are suspended from foreign currency trading for not paying a total of $2bn owed to the government, a central bank source tells the BBC.
Yesterday 12:36 pm (13 hours ago)
Mining company Glencore reports a fall in half-year profits but says it is aiming to cut its debt pile at a faster rate this year.
Yesterday 5:04 pm (9 hours ago)
The FTSE 100 index slips as Glencore shares are hit by its latest results, but WPP jumps as strong sales bolster the ad giant.
Yesterday, 1:43 am
The Australian woman credited with creating the burkini says bans on the full-bodied Islamic swimsuit in France have boosted sales.
Yesterday 10:44 am (15 hours ago)
The Los Angeles Lakers have signed Chinese Olympian and power forward Yi Jianlian following his performance in Rio.
Tuesday, 8:57 pm
Virgin Trains questions footage showing Jeremy Corbyn sitting on the floor of a "ram-packed" service, saying he had walked past available seats.
12:12 am (an hour ago)
North Korea is holding its first ever beer festival to promote its domestic brew Taedonggang.
Yesterday, 1:02 am
Giving up your high-flying job as a lawyer in Shanghai to become a professional home organiser may be an unusual choice for many, but that's exactly what Han Yien did.
Tuesday, 6:14 am
BBC News visits an annual bus competition designed to test handling and fuel efficiency, which helps a UK bus group choose the next generation of vehicles.
Tuesday, 2:09 am
Getting on the property ladder can be tough for home buyers the world over, but in Australia the property dream is slipping away for many.
Monday, 6:59 pm
Google rolls out a new version of Android that allows mobile devices to run two apps simultaneously on the same screen.
Monday, 5:50 pm
Personal finance expert Claer Barrett says there is a danger people will pay more than they should if they fail to check the amount before tapping their card.
Monday, 8:23 am
Dennis Nally, who has just stepped down as head of accountancy network PricewaterhouseCoopers, offers the business advice he wishes he had been given.
Monday, 9:42 am
What are the issues new Reserve Bank of India governor, Urjit Patel, will have to deal with?
Yesterday 1:51 pm (12 hours ago)
Traders in Norway have won an hour's reprieve in the battle over the new timing of the country's economic data releases.
Tuesday, 11:59 am
Former BHS boss and racing driver Dominic Chappell, who bought the retail chain for £1, is banned from driving for six months after admitting speeding.
12:16 am (an hour ago)
A look at the growing number of businesses who are trying to make a positive difference to society by speaking out on societal or political issues, and their reasons for doing so.
12:07 am (an hour ago)
Successful bosses often boast of how little they sleep, but is sleeping more better for your career?
Yesterday 3:02 pm (11 hours ago)
Jeremy Corbyn has brought the issue of overcrowded trains into the spotlight again, but why are our trains so busy and just how bad is the problem?
Yesterday, 12:03 am
The sporting goods giants of Nike and Adidas are both looking to sell their golf club businesses. The BBC looks at what some of the reasons may be.
Tuesday, 12:24 am
After the New Zealand rugby team discover a listening device in their Sydney hotel meeting room, we examine just how much spying technology has advanced in recent years.
Tuesday, 1:20 pm
What are some of the steps that could be taken to narrow the pay gap between men and women?
Tuesday, 12:54 am
For many Australians the dream of owning their own property is slipping away. But could a shared ownership scheme help address the affordability crisis in Sydney, the country's most expensive city?
Monday, 12:02 am
We're often urged to strive for excellence, to be the best we can be, to push for more - but some argue we'd be happier if we calmed down and embraced mediocrity.
Monday, 12:02 am
How the chief executive of UPS went from low level, part-time worker to chief executive of the world's largest parcel delivery service.
Monday, 11:47 am
India appoints a government insider as the new head of its central bank. Can Urjit Patel emerge from his predecessor "rock star" Raghuram Rajan's shadow?
Friday, August 19th, 12:32 am
Online shoppers want fast websites and apps that are also visually rich and personalised, but how technically difficult is this to achieve?
Friday, August 19th, 12:36 am
The ambitious new plan to overhaul Sierra Leone's agriculture sector.
Thursday, August 18th, 12:14 am
A look at the small but growing number of luxury British watchmakers who aim to put the UK back at the forefront of the global timepiece industry.
Thursday, August 18th, 12:06 am
The weaker pound since the UK’s Brexit vote means euro-denominated EU farming subsidies could worth 15% more to British farmers next year. But the boost may be a short-term one.
Wednesday, August 17th, 5:09 pm
US athletes are leading in the Olympic medal count but when the winners return home they will be welcomed with both national pride - and a hefty tax bill.
Wednesday, August 17th, 12:06 am
Plans to develop an opencast coal mine in Northumberland have split locals - some support the jobs created under the scheme, while others are concerned about the impact on tourism.
Wednesday, August 17th, 12:08 am
Bangladesh's garments industry is nervous that foreign buyers might pull out after a recent attack by Islamic militants killed 20 people, most of them foreigners.


An investigation found an explosion resulted from a screw connection to an autoclave locking ring which secured a door to a machine.


New UK Legislation enabling the HSE to charge a Fee for Intervention (FFI)

What is FFI? 

Increased squatters risk in commercial properties
From 1st September squatting in residential buildings in England and Wales became a criminal offence


At present we are all seeing many articles and commentaries in the press and TV regarding the price of gold, silver and diamonds on a seemingly upward trend in cost.This is very true as you can see from the attached graph showing gold and silver over a two year period.


The cost of heating oil has increased significantly recently, resulting in more thefts of oil from both domestic and commercial properties.

The first indication that a theft has taken place is often when the heating stops working.


Rate reductions are still possible for clients for property and liability insurance.  Abundant capacity and competition between Insurers are preventing increases, other than where there has been poor claims experience on individual accounts or within specific sectors.


The first Corporate Manslaughter Prosecution has been successful in the United Kingdom.

It is more important than ever to ensure that your Managers, Directors, Officers as well as the Company have cover in place to protect them.


From 2011 if your vehicle is not registered on the MID and has not been declared as 'Off-Road' you will receive a letter warning you that you could face a fine, prosecution as well as your vehicle being clamped, seized or ultimately destroyed.


With effect from 1st April 2011 the Employers' liability Tracing Office (ELTO) will be introduced.

The purpose of the ELTO is to assist the insurance industry in meeting its obligations to help those who have suffered injury or disease in the workplace identify the relevant insurer quickly and efficiently.

Backhouse meet with me once a month to review our insurances. As part of this process they have produced a comprehensive, easy to understand schedule of all our cover which they update prior to each meeting. In my 30 years of dealing with Insurance Brokers this has never been done so efficiently, or consistently, as it has by Backhouse. They are the best brokers I have ever come across!

Graham Pilkington, Director. Cavitech Solutions