• Construction Insurance

    Our portfolio of Construction clients is wide ranging, from privately owned to public limited companies, from speculative developers to civil engineers and we act for both main and specialist subcontractors. Our specialist claims operation provides an unrivalled service.


  • Manufacturing Insurance

    We have built up a considerable expertise with a wide variety of manufacturing companies working with metals, plastics, rubber and carbon fibre composites to name just a few. Products range from bespoke ironwork artefacts to specialist component and machinery manufacturers.


  • Engineering Insurance

    As a leading independent insurance broker Backhouse recognise the needs of precision engineers. The degree of accuracy is critical when supplying components to the oil, gas, motor vehicle, defence and aviations sectors and quality control procedures reflect this. Equally important are your exposures to the potential for your products to cause injury or harm where they may be safety critical.


  • Property Owners Insurance

    An expertise both in Commercial and Residential property owners, we understand the sector and its particular needs and requirements. All our policies are bespoke offering leading edge wordings and enhancements to ensure that we obtain maximum benefits when a claim occurs.


  • Logistics Insurance

    We understand that operating a warehouse and distribution facility is no easy task, we pride ourselves on working in partnership with you. Identifying your needs at the outset we then go about arranging a portfolio of policies which complement your business activities.


  • Information TechnologyInsurance

    Whilst I.T. companies face many of the same exposures as most other businesses the speed at which technology evolves presents its own challenges. The key to success is staying ahead of the game, Backhouse take great pride in arranging policies that are able to adapt and change as quickly as technology itself.


  • Retail & WholesaleInsurance

    Whatever size of company you run, it's essential that you protect your business with the most comprehensive insurance to give you complete peace of mind. This will allow you to concentrate on what you do best - working with customers and developing your own business.


  • Education Insurance

    In the same way that every pupil has their own unique skill sets and personality traits, we recognise that every school or academy has its own nuances which need careful consideration. Our clients have chosen Backhouse because of the importance we place upon understanding these often unique requirements.


Welcome to Backhouse Insurance

Backhouse Insurance is a leading independent insurance broker which specialises in providing insurance services to both Commercial and Private clients. We offer a wide range of insurance services and risk management solutions specifically tailored to the needs of our clients. Backhouse Insurance is a highly trained and motivated organisation that is dedicated to providing a quality service to all our clients.

Backhouse Insurance is a well respected broker with a strong reputation throughout the insurance industry, built through providing over 75 years of expert advice and personal service. This has allowed us to build strong relationships with insurance companies, which allows us to provide a wide range of reliable and flexible insurance products at competitive prices.


Please explore our site for more information, or alternatively contact a member of our team to discuss your requirements.

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Financial Conduct Authority

Backhouse Insurance Brokers are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Yesterday, 10:25 am
The gender pay gap in the UK will not close until 2069 based on current salary progressions, research suggests.
Friday, 2:26 pm
The founder and majority owner of Sports Direct, Mike Ashley, becomes chief executive after the surprise resignation of Dave Forsey.
Friday, 6:51 pm
MG announces it is to stop making cars at its Longbridge plant and will be moving production to China - ending manufacturing in the UK.
Yesterday, 12:01 am
The sale of National Grid's gas distribution arm should be put on hold, according to the GMB Union.
Yesterday, 12:39 am
The smart meters project risks being a wasted opportunity for households if they are just fitted and forgotten, a committee of MPs has said.
Friday, 12:24 pm
A collector who sold three new plastic £5 notes for £460 on the Ebay auction site says he will reinvest the money in his hobby.
Friday, 4:51 pm
Shares in Twitter jump more than 20% after a report that it has received takeover approaches, including from Google and Salesforce.com.
Friday, 8:14 am
Yahoo says 'state-sponsored' hackers stole information from about 500 million users in 2014 in what appears to be the largest publicly disclosed cyber-breach in history.
Friday, 7:02 pm
Easyjet pilots suspend strike action while new proposals on tackling fatigue are considered.
Friday, 12:39 pm
Facebook has overestimated how much video people have watched for the last two years, the company has admitted.
Friday, 3:54 pm
Online giant Amazon has been fined £65,000 after being found guilty of attempting to ship dangerous goods by air.
Friday, 3:58 pm
A French appeals court has slashed the amount that rogue trader Jerome Kerviel has to pay his former employer Societe Generale to €1m.
Friday, 9:35 am
People who are tricked into transferring money to a fraudster deserve better protection, says consumer group Which?
Friday, 4:22 pm
Treasury minister Lord O'Neill, a key figure in pushing the Conservatives' Northern Powerhouse agenda, has resigned from the government.
Friday, 11:29 am
Profits at the Co-op Group more than halve to £17m in the first six months of the year, hit by the group's three-year plan to rebuild the business.
Friday, 1:22 pm
The European Commission says the controversial EU-Canada free trade deal - CETA - cannot be renegotiated, despite much opposition in Europe.
Friday, 8:31 am
The former chairwoman of bankrupt Hanjin Shipping is under investigation for alleged insider trading.
Friday, 10:00 pm
The Cape Town supermarket owner selling food past its "sell-by" date.
Friday, 7:00 pm
The BBC's technology reporter Chris Foxx explains how you can stay safe following the Yahoo hack.
Friday, 2:42 pm
The impending sugar tax in South Africa is causing concern in the soft drinks industry.
Friday, 10:44 am
Being positive may be key to successful ageing but the economic challenge of an ageing population is a huge global predicament.
Thursday, 11:16 pm
Security expert Troy Hunt discusses the scale of the Yahoo breach and what steps its users should take to protect their data.
Thursday, 11:22 pm
Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has said that formal negotiations for Britain to Leave the European Union will "probably" begin in early 2017.
Thursday, 1:16 pm
Why are people paying hundreds of pounds for the new plastic £5 note?
Thursday, 9:59 pm
The US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew told the BBC that it is unacceptable for the European Union to grab revenue intended for US coffers with the Apple ruling.
Friday, 3:34 pm
Cabin crew on an Indian passenger aircraft have used a fire extinguisher to tackle a smoking Samsung handset.
Friday, 12:39 pm
British supermarket Iceland could face a legal battle to save its name after the Icelandic government confirms it is considering launching a lawsuit.
12:20 am (11 hours ago)
The BBC's James Badcock examines how activists doggedly pursued their country's former economy minister and IMF chief, Rodrigo Rato, over corruption claims.
12:55 am (11 hours ago)
Levi Roots, the food entrepreneur famous for his sauce, offers the business advice he wishes he had been given when he started out.
Friday, 9:59 pm
Many stay-at-home parents have no proper pension provision - so what can they do to maximise their retirement savings?
Friday, 9:59 pm
Anyone over thirty-five might look at you blankly if you mention vintage kilo sales, but they are increasingly popular with teenagers and students looking for cheap, fashionable clothing.
Friday, 9:59 pm
Fifa secretary general Fatma Samoura says more must be done to make all elements of the football industry more open to women and minorities.
Friday, 12:03 am
Up to a billion people in Africa derive their main income from farming, but many get embroiled in disputes over whether they really own their land. Can tech help?
Friday, 12:07 am
Bosnia's biggest foreign investment by a Dubai-based property developer is causing some unease amongst locals. But the country needs all the help it can get.
Thursday, 12:05 am
As Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt prepare to untie the knot, they will become clients of a very lucrative industry providing divorces for the super-rich.
Thursday, 12:38 pm
A marketing hoax of a "fired employee" going berserk with a company's Twitter account goes viral - but how effective is it when advertising plays with people's trust?
Thursday, 12:06 am
A look at the tech firms helping to save and protect the honey bee, as numbers of the vital pollinators continue to fall sharply around the world.
Tuesday, 5:08 pm
GSK has announced Emma Walmsley will be its next chief executive, taking the total of women running FTSE one hundred companies to seven. So who are the other six?
Tuesday, 12:04 am
As London's autumn fashion week wraps up, what has it told us about the way the fashion industry is changing?
Tuesday, 12:04 am
Early diagnosis of disease is literally a matter of life and death, so the race is on to produce cheaper, faster, lighter kits to help doctors and nurses in the field.
Monday, 12:00 am
A profile of virtual reality firm boss Samantha Kingston, who has enjoyed a meteoric rise after falling into the video games industry by accident.
Monday, 12:00 am
Some US cattle farmers are finding that smaller herds of naturally raised cows are more profitable.
Sunday, September 18th, 7:59 am
Australia's biggest banks have been among the world's most profitable, but face allegations of rate-rigging and anti-competitive behaviour. Are their golden years over?
Friday, September 16th, 10:16 pm
Older people are increasingly saving their loved ones from the cost of a funeral by paying in advance - but many families are unaware because they are scared to talk about death.
Friday, September 16th, 12:35 am
Katy Watson and Sarah Treanor visit insect farms in California and Mexico - but is bug eating, or entomophagy, really going to catch on?
Friday, September 16th, 12:42 am
Solar power is expanding fast in Africa, and innovative products and payment schemes are ensuring the poor and rural communities don't miss out.
Thursday, September 15th, 11:31 am
Hinkley Point: What is it and why is it important?
Thursday, September 15th, 12:39 am
Whether you're a tourist or an executive, it isn't always easy travelling alone, especially if you're a woman. A growing number of businesses are aiming to make the experience easier.
Wednesday, September 14th, 4:55 pm
Some 60 of Hanjin Shipping's cargo vessels are stranded at sea, after the company filed for bankruptcy - with crew and cargo stuck on board. Here's the story of one of them.
Wednesday, September 14th, 12:19 am
With more of us in developed countries living longer but retiring earlier, there is a growing pensions "time bomb". So could the answer be never retiring in the first place?
Tuesday, September 13th, 10:33 am
BBC World Service economics correspondent Andrew Walker breaks down the world of bonds.
Tuesday, September 13th, 12:14 am
South Africa's tourism industry is using technology to expand the sector beyond traditional areas and appeal to modern independent travellers.
Tuesday, September 13th, 12:19 am
Japanese carmaker Nissan is one of only eight sponsors of the Uefa Champions League. What does the firm hope to achieve from its association with Europe's top football competition?
Monday, September 12th, 4:10 pm
Businesses and communities want certainty about where the second phase of the HS2 rail route will go, but politics rarely provides certainty.
Monday, September 12th, 12:04 am
How cartoonist Mauricio de Sousa was able to get past initial rejection and go on to become Brazil's answer to Walt Disney.
Monday, September 12th, 12:22 am
Indonesian seaweed farmers have launched a class action lawsuit demanding compensation for the effects of Australia's worst oil spill.
Saturday, September 10th, 9:22 am
How did a humble man from the Spanish coast briefly overtake Bill Gates as the world's richest man? By giving us what we want, when we want it.
Friday, 12:02 am
Are the Americans just more determined when it comes to producing world-beating tech firms?
Thursday, 6:33 am
Internet entrepreneur Alex Depledge shares her views about how the UK can up its game when it comes to building tech companies.
Tuesday, 12:55 am
London's mayor heads to New York to drum up interest in UK tech firms.
Monday, 8:48 am
Star fund manager Neil Woodford says the UK is 'appallingly bad' at helping small tech start-ups find the money they need to grow.
Monday, 12:00 am
Mapping out where the UK's leading tech clusters are based and what each one specialises in.
Monday, 10:52 am
Tech giant Microsoft is set to close the London office of its Skype subsidiary with the potential loss of 220 jobs.
Sunday, September 18th, 10:52 pm
One of the UK's leading fund managers, Neil Woodford, says that successful UK technology firms have 'sold out too early'.
Wednesday, 12:00 am
Herman Narula, founder and chief executive of British tech start-up company Improbable, sets out his roadmap for UK tech success.


An investigation found an explosion resulted from a screw connection to an autoclave locking ring which secured a door to a machine.


New UK Legislation enabling the HSE to charge a Fee for Intervention (FFI)

What is FFI? 

Increased squatters risk in commercial properties
From 1st September squatting in residential buildings in England and Wales became a criminal offence


At present we are all seeing many articles and commentaries in the press and TV regarding the price of gold, silver and diamonds on a seemingly upward trend in cost.This is very true as you can see from the attached graph showing gold and silver over a two year period.


The cost of heating oil has increased significantly recently, resulting in more thefts of oil from both domestic and commercial properties.

The first indication that a theft has taken place is often when the heating stops working.


Rate reductions are still possible for clients for property and liability insurance.  Abundant capacity and competition between Insurers are preventing increases, other than where there has been poor claims experience on individual accounts or within specific sectors.


The first Corporate Manslaughter Prosecution has been successful in the United Kingdom.

It is more important than ever to ensure that your Managers, Directors, Officers as well as the Company have cover in place to protect them.


From 2011 if your vehicle is not registered on the MID and has not been declared as 'Off-Road' you will receive a letter warning you that you could face a fine, prosecution as well as your vehicle being clamped, seized or ultimately destroyed.


With effect from 1st April 2011 the Employers' liability Tracing Office (ELTO) will be introduced.

The purpose of the ELTO is to assist the insurance industry in meeting its obligations to help those who have suffered injury or disease in the workplace identify the relevant insurer quickly and efficiently.

Backhouse meet with me once a month to review our insurances. As part of this process they have produced a comprehensive, easy to understand schedule of all our cover which they update prior to each meeting. In my 30 years of dealing with Insurance Brokers this has never been done so efficiently, or consistently, as it has by Backhouse. They are the best brokers I have ever come across!

Graham Pilkington, Director. Cavitech Solutions

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